Below are the types of lessons and courses that I provide, however if you require something different please contact me and let us discuss your needs and I will try and provide that service if at all possible. 

 Learner Lessons

My normal price is £35 per hour, however if you would like to pay up front for 10 hours, the price would come down to £30 per hour, i.e. £330.00.

Still Not Sure!

I will do a taster session of 2 hours for just £35.00, this will allow you to make an assessment of me and see if you feel I am the right instructor for your needs, no obligation.

 Intensive Courses*

If you are in a rush to pass your test I can provide you with intensive courses to help you achieve the aim of gaining your full driving licence.  

12 Hour Course - 

24 Hour Course -  

If you are coming from another area, for an additional fee, I am able to find you accommodation and also book your test. Contact me for details.

Due to the closure of LLandrindod Wells driving test centre I am unable to provide these courses at the moment.

 Learner Lessons in Your Own Car

Price for lessons in your own car is £33 per hour.  If you can afford to block book 10 hours I will reduce the price to £31.00 per hour! 

Theory Test Lessons

If you require help with passing your Theory Test I can offer a rate of just £27.00 per hour. If you learn with me you will also have access to Theory Test Pro, free of charge, to help you get through this part of your driving test.  

 Pass Plus Cymru or Pass Plus

If you want to take the Pass Plus Cymru scheme I am registered for that sign up at it will only cost you £20! However if you have taken 20 or more hours with me, it won't even cost you that! I will do it for free!

Or if you want to do Pass Plus individually  you can do that for £350.00  

 Drive Confidence

Not been behind the wheel for a while and nervous about getting back on the road?

 Maybe you just want reassurance that you are capable and safe to be on the road?

Let me offer you a 2 hour assessment for just £35.00. No obligation. 


Let me help save you money! I can do an  assessment of your driving to ensure that you are gaining the maximum out of every litre of petrol.

   Drivers with Disabilities

In February 2013 I put myself through the 'Teaching People with Disabilities to Drive' course, at the Queen Elizabeth Foundation in Surrey.  Therefore if you have a physical or mental disability contact me and lets see if we can get you mobile!

  Help with Parking

I am sure I will be able to improve your parking skills in just an hour, give me a call.


* If I am unable to undertake an Assessment Drive before the commencement of an intensive course, I reserve the right to refuse the client the use of my vehicle for test If I feel that they are not of sufficient standard to have a good chance of passing the practical driving test.